Le Marche: Destination Wedding


The Marche Region

Celebrating your wedding in the Marche region means choosing an intimate landscape, a treasure chest of welcoming panoramas. The Marche region contains all the queintessential items of the Mediterranean pensinsula, the whole of Italy in one region, as we say: endless panoramas that seem like paintings, a crescendo of breathtaking images and views. Fine-sand beaches, a forest of rock formations overlooking the sea, glistening bays, intimate coves and open plains alternate along the coastline, where the sun both rises and sets over the sea. From fishing villages, rise soft hills open to the gentle breezes from the Adriatic sea. The rich countryside unfolds around ancient and picturesque towns. As the backdrop of this living painting, the young, Appenini mountains rise up against the sky, painted with bright colors in summers and snow caps in winter. In the Marche region art, culture and history are in full bloom, like nature itself. Gastronomic traditions are a matter of pride and excellence for the people of this region. Choosing the Marche, you will declare your promise of eternal love in a landscape to fall in love with. It will be an emotional journey and an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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